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pink suitcase with personalized beach towel in preppy palm tree print

Whether you're catching a flight or loading up for a road trip, as a mama of two little ones under 5 I know how challenging packing for a family (and kids!) can be.  To make your getaway is as enjoyable and stress-free as possible, I've rounded up our top travel must haves to simplify your to-do list.  
  • BRIGHT LUGGAGE TAGS  Colorful, hard-to-miss luggage tags will help prevent baggage claim mishaps.  Our kids think spotting our luggage at baggage claim is a super-fun game and tags tied with bright ribbon make finding each one a breeze. 
  • CLEAR PRODUCT BOTTLES Don't risk having your favorite creams, lotions and gels confiscated at security; fly the friendly skies with peace of mind by transferring them into these airline approved containers.  Driving instead? I love how they free up tons of space in our suitcases - and lighten the load, too! 
  • HEALTHY SNACKS These tasty, nutritious treats will keep hunger at bay in the event of a traffic jam or unexpected flight delay.  Our favorites are Larabars (packed with fruit and nuts), but we also love these protein bars.  I tuck them into just about every tote, diaper bag, and suitcase so we always have a few within reach.  
  • PACKING CUBES  Pack all-the-things with these convenient cubes.  These are seriously a game-changer!  We used them on our most recent flight and it was unbelievable how much fit into each one!  The best part?  By the end of the trip all of the contents in our suitcases were still (mostly) neatly organized - which was definitely a first!  I count that as a win!  
  • GLAMOROUS SUNNIES  Shield the sun in style with a pair of flattering frames.  Lately I'm loving classic aviators, like these or these, but nothing beats expressing your own personal style.  Added bonus: they also conceal travel weary eyes.  ;)  
  • COMFY TRAVEL TOWEL These ultra-soft towels can be personalized (for free!) and double as an impromptu travel pillow or blanket. We love the big round towel for gathering as a family and the kids love having their very own in their favorite prints to tote around - it's like having a little piece of home on the road.
  • SUNSCREEN  A daily essential, I never leave the house without first applying this (under makeup).  A spray-on formula or stick applicator are ideal for on-the-go touchups, but our go-to for the ultimate in sun protection are cream formulas for a carefully applied solid base before stepping outdoors.  
  • THE PERFECT CARRY-ON  So you don't have to hassle with checking a bag at the airport.  Or, if you're driving, just think of all that extra room you'll save!  ;) 
  • UTILITY TOTE  I love a good straw tote, especially for trips to the coast. To organize the essentials, just slip several cosmetic bags into it to easily grab what you need without having to dig through endless contents.  If you're looking for something a bit more durable, this original, classic tote is just unbeatable.  It fits everything I need as a busy mom and provides kid-tested durability.
  • KID-FRIENDLY ACTIVITIES  Have you seen the adorable seasonal crafts Hobby Lobby carries?  I load up before a big trip on easy, simple crafts that don't make a mess and include everything necessary.  And of course, mess-free coloring books are a tried-and-true favorite.  I especially love how compact these are for traveling ease.  
  • BONUS: PERMISSION TO SLOW DOWN This one is big for me.  As a wife, mama and small business owner, sometimes I need a gentle reminder that it's ok to slow down.  I don't have to do it all.  As mamas, I know we want what's best for our families... but ultimately what's best for them is us.  Our full attention and availability.  I believe that hustle is overrated and that a more relaxed, simple life is always within reach.  The good life is one of simplicity that carves out time to soak up the moments that really matter.

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