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HOORAY! It’s Launch Day!  We’ve put so much thought and planning into the merry + bright holiday collection that is launching in our shop today. Our core and mission is to choose a more relaxed + simple way of life. One that is intentional about carving out more time for what truly matters. In a world that is constantly in a rushed and hurried state, beckoning for us to be more, do more, and have more - we value the lasting impact that un-rushing our days has, for both our good and the good of our families. We choose a life that says “no” to busy for busy’s sake - and yes to creating days filled with belly-laughs, sloppy PB + J kisses from our little ones, and pressing pause on our to-do lists to just be

Every decision we make as a company reflects our core and mission, down to each product we carry. All of our designs are meant to inspire you and bring a little extra sunshine and joy to your day. And each product serves a purpose - to help you sit a spell, simplify, organize, or just rest for awhile as you relax and soak up a sweet day with your loved ones. 

I just love the cosmetic pouches we’ve added to our collection!  These are a daily staple for us - we keep them on hand to hold snacks in the car, I use several in my purse and beach/travel tote for organizing all-the-things, and it works beautifully for corralling my 5-minute (because, let's be honest, is there any mama who regularly has more than a few minutes in the morning with little ones at their feet? - but I wouldn't change that for the world ;) makeup essentials so I can easily grab what I need easily. The expandable bottom and white interior makes spotting what I need a breeze.  All of the cosmetic pouches pair perfectly with our beach towels for a fun, personalized gift set they will love!  You can check them out here and our other fun additions, including stationery and sherpa throw blankets, here and here.  

With cooler weather also comes the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, but we have made an intentional effort to simplify the last few years ... and it has made all the difference!  My parents always said that when my brothers and I were little they discussed their desire for us to not feel pressure once we were grown (with families of our own) to rush around during the Christmas season paying visits to everyone with no time left at home to create memories in the hearts of our own children.  I never knew this, though, until a few years ago when my hubby and I decided on our own that we didn't want Christmas to be stressful for our family - filled with endless car rides and extravagant gift lists and constant commitments.  I only found this out from my parents once I shared with them how important it is to J and I that we're home for Christmas and keep it as simple as possible - so that we can be even more intentional about the true meaning of Christmas, slow down and enjoy these fleeting days when our kids bubble over with excitement and anticipation, and eagerly await Santa coming down our chimney on Christmas Eve.  For us, our Savior - the King of the World - coming to earth simply and humbly without lots of fuss and fanfare was the best example we could follow.  We try to be as intentional as possible about simplifying a season that is often, well, not.  I realize this may not be what's best for everyone and only share it because it's what we've found works best for us, in hopes it may inspire or encourage or even give someone struggling with impending holiday stress "permission" to let go a bit and clear a few things off their plate.  It's ok not to do it all and try to be everything to everyone.  In fact, it's impossible.  

And so, my hope for all of you as we embark upon this exciting season filled with awe and wonder and joy is simply this - that you may know and feel the presence of the One who is Love.  That your days may be slower, sweeter, richer and filled with His grace upon grace - a grace that left His perfect home in a light-filled Heaven to step down into our dark world, filled with mess and hurt and suffering so that He could cover our imperfections with His perfect love. May this be your best holiday season yet - not because of what you have or what you find under the Christmas tree - but because of Whose you are.   You, friend, are dearly and irrevocably loved. 




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