inspiration : vol. 1

I blinked and our first baby went from a darling, sleepless newborn to a twirling, giggling six-year old - full of sunshine, sweetness and sass.  

And, as if I didn't learn my lesson the first time, I blinked again. This time our sweet and snuggly  newborn baby boy went from a tiny wonder to a running, jumping, full of the best-kind-of-boy energy little gentleman - toddling his way through this world.

Don't blink, mamas.  But if you do, fall onto the soft cloud of grace.  It catches me as I catch my breath at how quickly time escapes me and transforms my babies.  I cannot grasp and hold moments for longer than they naturally pass.  But I can slow down.  I can be intentional.  And I can halt the noise of the world from robbing me of the precious time I have to hold them, love them and wrap them in hugs, tenderly planting kisses on their squishy faces.  Every. Single. Day.

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