inspiration : vol. 3

quote once she stopped rushing through life



Isn't this so true?  Once my days were busy and frazzled from all of the hustle and bustle of packed schedules and endless to-do's... I decided I wanted more out of life, so I chose less.  It's a choice I have to make daily.  Some days come unraveled and end up far more hectic than I'd like, but that's ok.  I've learned that even in being intentional about slowing down and putting first things first there isn't a perfect formula.  Life can be overwhelming at times.  But, by defining what matters the most and prioritizing the importance of rest an incalculable impact is made to the "bottom line" of creating a life that is well-lived.  And an anchor remains that keeps me - and my family - steady even in chaos.  For me, I find the very best rest in my Savior.  As a family, we create a framework within our home and how we allot our time that leaves plenty of margin to just "be".  And it has made all the difference.  


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