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the little palm story behind our company name


Our company name has a significance that runs deep. It's rooted in both my greatest hope (more about that here) and our family heritage.  In 2009 The Little Palm® was founded while I was a busy road warrior in pharmaceutical sales.  As a third generation artist and interior designer, I loved this new opportunity yet craved color and calm in a sea of dreary gray buildings and bumper to bumper cars. There's more to that story here, but for now, as we approach the 79th anniversary of the family heritage behind our name, join me under the sweeping palms in sunny Florida where it all began in 1944...

Join me under the sweeping palms in sunny Florida where it all began in 1944...

At the age of 19, a distinctively classy, southern lady named Clara packed her luggage to board a Florida bound train. Her daddy begged her not to go.  He asked her to wait until he, her mom and her siblings could join her. 

But she insisted, "I love him, Daddy. I want to marry him and I don't want to wait."  With so much darkness raging during World War II, her groom was on active duty, stationed along the coast.  Her parents saw young Clara off and she set out on her journey alone to marry her sweetheart. He met her at the train station and it was on the army base, under the majestic palms, that Mr. Little wed his bride and she became Mrs. Little. Their new life together had barely begun when he was shipped off to Guam to serve overseas in the war.  They had become one as "Mr. and Mrs. Little", yet the trains they boarded would take them worlds apart.  Clara held onto hope, waiting for her groom to return home so they could build their future together.

Clara held onto hope.

The war ended less than a year later, and he returned home.  Over the years their love grew into a family of "Littles", "grand-Littles", and "great-grand-Littles".  They raised four boys into gentlemen and among their four grandchildren I was born, miraculously arriving on the day of my Granny's own birthday.  I will forever cherish them both and the timeless values of hard work, honesty, integrity, love, and faithfulness they epitomized.  Their class and character was unmatched and distinguished their lives with such a refreshing sense of humility and grace.  It is in honor of their legacy and our family heritage that we included "Little" in "The Little Palm®".  Remarkably, their life together began not long after the great depression and in the midst of World War II - yet in a world marked by despair their lives radiated hope and joy.  That kind of joy, I learned over the years, is a choice - one we get to make every day.  They lived in the sunshine and that is the heart of our brand - choosing joy that never fades or spoils but is based on the One who is Hope, even in the midst of darkness and uncertainty, Jesus.  

We invite you step into the sunshine... and into a story that is so much bigger than ourselves or our family. 

My sweet grandparents were married for over 50 years.  They lived a life that was intentional - it was simple and slow.  At their home, life came and went by the back door.  Family and friends didn't have to knock, they just dropped by to visit and sit a spell.  Join us as we embrace the good life - one full of joy regardless of circumstances. Community is at the core of our brand -  we are thankful for each of you and that you are all part of our flock.  



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